We are very proud and happy that we made these concerts happen and Russian fans for the first time ever had a chance to see the great shows of DEATH DTA!
All the responses, comments and reviews show that the gigs made a huge impression on everyone who was there.
Steve, Gene, Bobby, Max and the whole Death Dta Tours crew were very impressed by the crowds on both shows, so Russian fans showed everyone one more time that they are the most insane headbangers and crowd surfers.
All of us will remember these concerts forever!
Huge thanks to everyone who showed up at these gigs.

Special thanks to our local promoters Ivan and R.E.C.A. in Saint-Petersburg and Mike and FMF Records in Moscow for the biggest professionalism and devotion to what they do.
Immeasurable respect and thanks to the band: Gene Hoglan ''Official Page'', Steve Di Giorgio, Bobby Koelble, Max Phelps; to the mighty King Rob and to the greatest crew ever: Geoff Bruce Ⓥ, Carlos Gunn, Freeway Migliore, Omeed Izadyar and Steph Fetter and of course last but not least Dominik at RTN Touring!!!

Best regards and thank you!!!
See you soon again!

Creative Music Team